Supportive Housing

Manhattan Board and Care 


Greater LA County

Preserving and creating Board and Care housing that is critical to the most vulnerable in our communities

Project Goal

Board and Care facilities have been closing at a sharp rate, identifying opportunities to recapture beds in closed/closing Board and Care facilities is a key goal in combatting homelessness in our communities.


This site possessed older building systems and deferred maintenance. In addition, improvements for state licensing requirements and upgrades to building systems to meet code compliance were necessary.


The DAECO team identified a former Board and Care facility that closed. Our team worked with a private owner to acquire, renovate, and lease to operator. We worked with a government agency funding the operator to develop schematic design and monitor the project to occupancy. Our design included reconfiguring the facility to not only increase bed capacity by 33% from 15 to 20 beds, it also provided vital case management and service space.


A key component of all projects, the DAECO team has ample experience in evaluating and planning to develop housing interventions. We use our knowledge base to guide our clients in identifying suitable sites for target populations. The DAECO team conducts a feasibility evaluation, develops a schematic design with program needs in mind and produce a Site Assessment with a cost projection.

Project Management

At DAECO, we approach projects with a “measure twice, cut once” philosophy. We pride ourselves on guiding our clients through the complicated spaces of development and construction in the landscape of homelessness. The DAECO Project Management team is detailed-oriented and consistently monitors the 3 key aspects of all projects: cost, schedule and scope of work.

Transition to Occupancy

A critical point in all projects, DAECO takes a hands-on approach in ensuring initial occupancy and program commencement by a non-profit operator is efficient and streamlined. Our expertise informs our process therefore we anticipate issues effectively so that Operators can take site possession and focus on clients

Work with DaeCo

We are a nimble and agile team ready to solve problems with innovation and collaboration. Impacting our community is our goal.

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